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Sales & Marketing
(+421) 904 546 753

(+421) 904 546 753

Registered business name: Wonder Blue s. r. o., Registered seat: Karpatské námestie 7770/10A, 831 06 Bratislava-Rača, Commercial register office: Commercial Register of the Municipal Court Bratislava III, Section: Sro, Register Number: 177793/B, Business ID: 56 209 151, Tax ID: 2122243178, VAT ID: SK2122243178

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design and Development

We have created an online configurator to give you a rough idea of how much your new website will cost. However, standard prices range from 1,500€ to 6,000€. Alternatively you can contact us by email.

Delivery time is approximately 3-5 weeks, depending on the project.

Yes, after approving the price for the service, we charge a 30% upfront fee. The remaining amount will not be charged until the project is fully completed.

No worries! We will make sure you are 100% satisfied. If there is anything you would like to change, add or remove, just let us know.

There are usually fees for your hosting, domain and some plugins or platforms have paid services. We will provide you with all the information. There is no need to be nervous.

We also have an optional website maintenance service which includes:

  • Regular backups
  • Security monitoring
  • Updates to software, themes, licences, plugins, etc.

This service costs from 29€/ per month.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s about making your website easy for search engines like Google to understand and show to people when they search for something.

SEO is important because it helps your website to be found by people searching for information, products, or services related to what you offer.

Three main types of SEO are:
On-page SEO: Optimizing content for better rankings.
Off-page SEO: Activities outside your site to boost rankings.
Technical SEO: Improving site performance for search engines.

Common SEO tools include Google Analytics, SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Screaming Frog.

Improve SEO by optimizing content, improving site speed, using relevant keywords, building quality backlinks, and mobile optimization.

The price of SEO varies depending on the project, the industry segment, the website’s tenure, and the level of competition.